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What Will be Needed to Apply & Get a Rental?

Instead of Renting, Have you considered purchasing? A lender can review your information to see if you can qualify.

1. Do you have the credit score?
2. Do you have any money saved up?
3. What is your Debt-to-Income Ratio?
4. Have you had a lender screen your file to see if you would qualify?

Mathematics on how much you spend on a rental vs. owning a home


At the end of each year, when you renew your lease, your Landlord has the right to increase your rental amount, provided you are given, at minimum 30 days-notice.


Let The JButler Group negotiate the closing costs on your behalf to get you the best deal. Saving you money is our goal! Do not let closing costs intimidate you, some builders will help with some of the amount of closing costs as well as some sellers!

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