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When to Put Your House on the Market & When to Search for Your Next House

How to Best Prepare Your Home for Sale

Clean your house. Including baseboards, ceilings, ceiling fans, tubs, showers, windows, etc… get everything sparkling.

Put away as many of your personal pictures as possible.

Fill nail holes in the walls and touch-up paint.

Put a glade plug-in or wax burner on before showings. 

Try to get as much clutter off of countertops (Kitchen and Bathrooms as possible).

Make sure the beds are made and rooms are picked up prior to showings.

Clean up the backyard if you have pets so no one steps in surprise(s).

Make sure tables are cleaned off.

Put personal items away in a closet, including jewelry, weapons, mail, etc…

Make a plan for your pets

Make sure your agent has a copy of your house key for the SUPRA lockbox that will be on the house.

Ready to Sell?

Interest Rates

Subject to Change, contact us for the most up-to-date interest rates.

6/10/2024: Interest rate on a Fannie Mae 30-year fixed mortgage: 6.99%

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